‘A touch of Bird’ by the Green Team (fundraiser this Friday)



This Friday the 17th of October the Green Team are running a fundraiser as part of a Biodiveristy program they are completing. The Green Team are raising money to purchase bird boxes to put up in the school to attract native wild life back to the area.

To support this program on Friday, all students are invited to wear casual clothes with ‘a touch of bird’ – they could put feathers in their hair or wear a beak or apply some bird face paint! Students are asked to bring a gold coin donation.

 Thank you!

Smartie maths





For a bit of fun we collected data from a box of smarties today in FT.  We then put the data in a graph. Lastly we collated our information as a whole grade. We discovered that:

*There were between 9 and 14 smarties in each packet.

* The most common colour was orange and the least common colour was blue.

*We have spectacular self control!! Everyone waited until they finished the activity (50 mins plus) before they ate their Smarties. We’ll done FT!

Term 3

Welcome back to all students and families for term 3!!!! We hope you all had a fabulous holiday!

Today we got see all our classmates and share what we did on our holiday. We practice turn and talk with a partner making sure we listen to each other.


We played a drama game where we silently acted something we did on our holidays and chose students to guess.

image  image

Foundation Incursion Tuesday 17th June

Magic Journey brought to you by The Flying Bookworm Theatre Co.

 A performance that contains three stories which are:



Why? Come with us as we bring this classic poem to the stage through all the swishing grass and squelchy mud, we know it’s going to be fun!




A Bookworm classic return! Join Farmer Kawoski as he tries and tries to get that turnip out of the ground. A great way to learn about co-operation, helping others and the fun of getting a great, big, enormous, job done.



Join Hans and Helga as they tell the famous much loved story. By the way, our troll is really not very scary, but he’s very silly and great fun. A great way to learn about words like big, middle size and little.






What I want to be when I grow up!

A soldier

” When I grow up I want to be an army man because I can shoot targets and go over obstacle courses”.

A soldier



A town planner

“When I grow up I want to be a town planner. I will help architects”.






The President

“When I grow up I want to be a president of the world. I would give everybody one hundred bucks”.





An Architect

“When I grow up I want to be an an architect. I want to draw pictures of buildings”.





Happy Mother’s Day



We have been thinking of our mums this week and writing Mother’s Day card messages. Here are some of the reasons Foundation students love their mums:

I love you because you play with me.

I love you because you tuck me into bed at night.

I love you because you love me too.

I love you because you give me kisses.

I love you because you buy me things (footy cards!).

I love you because you are nice.

I love you because you build Lego with me.

I love you because you take care of me.

Happy Mother’s day! We hope you love the cards and gifts and get spoilt rotten this Sunday.


Foundation-SRI and Social Skills program

Each Wednesday, students are either involved in the Student Religious Education (SRI) program OR a Social Skills program for 30 minutes.

The Social Skills program is based on building children’s social skills to assist them to deal with friendship issues, conflict and peer pressures.

One of the resources used includes a program called ‘Cool Calm Kids’ , developed by Primary School teachers Amelia Suckling and Carla Temple.